Covid Price list

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and PPE required our prices have temporary changed as follows:

Dry Cut = £14.00
Wash & Cut
= £16.00
Dry Cut & Clipper Beard Trim
= £20.00
Wash/Dry Style
= £7.00
American Crew Grey blending
= £30.00
(includes wash and cut)
Colour Services By Quotataion

Dry Cut
= £12.00
Wash & Cut
= £14.00
15years and under

Dry Cut
= £9.00
Wash & Cut
= £11.00

Wanting to Change your style!
but don’t know how get the right look!
Our staff are more than happy to show you how to get the professional styled look using your own 2 hands, the right brushes and a little bit of heat from your hair dryer.
Just ask us to show YOU!

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